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Submitted on
February 25, 2009
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Presented by Animal Heart Skunk Studios

Cheeky Heart: Pranking Vampires

Starring Cheeky Heart Skunk,
Animal Heart Skunk,
created by CheerBear'sFan/ Animal Heart Skunk

Euthanasia the Vampire,
created by Chronophontes

One fine happy day, over at the forest clearing, Animal Heart, and Muse were siting by the lake. Muse was tickling Animal Heart, and touching him in every area of his body she could touch. You could hearing hear Animal Heart giggling, as well as the birds singing. Animal Heart, and Muse's day was perfect, well at least their day was going well, so far... Cheeky Heart was hiding in the bushes, planing to play a joke on Muse. She didn't really like Muse that much because Muse is Animal Heart's boyfriend, and loves Animal Heart a real lot. Cheeky Heart plays jokes on everyone, but Muse is her main target. Cheeky Heart sets-up her prank for Muse. She places a bucket of mud in a near by tree, and ties a vine to the bucket, and lets the vine dangle down form the tree. Cheek Heart's prank is set. Muse finally gets up, and picks up Animal Heart, and carries him in her arms. Muse walks up to the tree that Cheeky Heart has set her prank. Muse pulls the dangling vine, unaware of Cheeky Heart's prank. Pulling on the vine causes the bucket of mud to tip over, giving Muse, and Animal Heart a mud shower. Poor Animal Heart, and Muse are all covered in mud, and are now rather grumpy. Muse, while carrying Animal Heart, walks up path sees Cheeky Heart killing herself laughing at Muse, and Animal Heart. Muse then realizes that Cheeky Heart played a joke on her, and Animal Heart. Muse tells off Cheeky Heart, and walks home with Animal Heart.

Cheeky Heart thought her prank was funny, but Muse, and Animal Heart didn't find it funny at all. Cheeky Heart wanted to play a prank on someone else, but who? She decided to go the spooky part of the forest, that would be a great place to jump out of places, and scare people for fun. Over in the spooky forest, Cheeky Heart climbs up a high tree so she could get an idea of where everything is. Cheeky Heart could see an old mansion from up in the tree. So, she decided to go, and look inside the old mansion.

Inside the old mansion lives Euthanasia the Vampire. Not too many people know about Euthanasia, because Euthanasia doesn't like to leave her mansion that much. One of her friends was Animal Heart, who she met a few months ago. Animal Heart was just exploring the spooky forest, and just so happen to come across Euthanasia's mansion. She loves to cuddle Animal Heart, and kiss Animal Heart. She does like to keep her friendship with Animal Heart a secret, and will pretend that she dislikes Animal Heart when she is with others.

Inside the mansion, Cheeky Heart was trying to think up prank on who ever lives in the old mansion. Euthanasia already knew that Cheeky Heart was in her mansion. She knew a little bit about Cheeky Heart because Animal Heart loves tell Euthanasia all about his friends. Euthanasia already knew that Cheeky Heart loves to play pranks on everyone, so Euthanasia decided to play a joke on Cheeky Heart. Euthanasia would pretend to suck Cheeky Heart's blood. So, Euthanasia snuck up behind Cheeky Heart, and pretended to bite her. She scared the living day lights out of Cheeky Heart. Cheeky Heart ran out of Euthanasia's Mansion, and ran straight home.

Later that day, Cheeky Heart found out that Euthanasia didn't really suck her blood, Euthanasia just played a joke on her. Cheeky Heart didn't think Euthanasia's prank was funny. So Cheeky Heart started to think of a new prank to play on Euthanasia...

The End.
Cheeky Heart goes to Euthanasia's mansion to play a prank on Euthanasia. However, Euthanasia knows that the little skunk likes pranks.

Cheeky Heart, and Animal Heart Skunk characters created by CheerBearsFan/ Animal Heart Skunk
Euthanasia the Vampire, and Muse characters created by :iconchronophontes:
Chronophontes Feb 25, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, lots of images here! Muse and Euthie are already issuing instructions to me about which parts they want illustrated -

:flirty:Muse: NOT the part with mud all over me.
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